I'm Stray, or Jeff if you want to get familiar. I'm an artist, music maker, aspiring writer, goofball, geek, nerd, and dork. I design graphics for t-shirts for money.

This blog is mainly for my own artwork. I also make daily confessions and daily music posts.

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I feel like I need a female best friend to talk about girl stuff with. Most of my good lady friends seem too busy for me lately, I need help! Who wants to text with me about lady advice???

Honestly, I feel like I’ve unlocked new character upgrades that have leveled me up.

I was depressed and felt shitty about myself for a while, then I decided fuck that, I’m just going to be awesome and that will solve everything. It’s turning out to be a really good strategy.

daily affirmation

Holy fuck what a badass you are!

daily affirmation

You’re rad as fuck
You’re shit is mad tight
You’re totes killin it

I was sitting in the break room at work at a table by myself, and one of the new girls comes and asks if I minded if she sat at my table. There were several other empty tables, and she didn’t have food, so I feel like she just wanted to talk to me, so I talked to her, she was nice, and very pretty. Am I interpreting this situation correctly? Of all the places to sit there were closer places to the door at empty tables if she just wanted a place to sit. I don’t know dudes, I guess I’ll just keep talking to her and see what happens. I don’t want to sound braggy but I’ve been receiving a lot of nice attention lately and it’s making me feel good about myself. It’s a very strange turn of events.

At this point the only reason I still have an okcupid account is because it’s helping me become numb to rejection.

3 good things about today

1. So at training today we had to introduce ourselves to a new supervisor and when I said my name she remarked that she always notices me around because I look like I was on the cover of teen vogue, and someone else commented that I look like I used to be a model before I worked there. I struck a pose of course. My ego needed that, I’ve been feeling very unconfident lately so it was nice to get that piece of validation.

2. I talked to that pretty lady again.

3. We took a final test in training that apparently was notoriously hard and I got the highest score. I’m smart as hell y’all.

Night night


3 good things about today

1. Lunch was pretty good, had these jalapeno cream cheese taquitos, a chocolate donut, and a caramel macchiato I bought with a Starbucks gift card I won at work.

2. This pretty lady initiated a conversation with me, and then I saw her again later and she gave me like a sexy look. She smiled and looked down to my feet then all the way back up to my eyes. So, I feel like maybe she might be sorta into me possibly. I think. Nah, probably not, I’m stupid, why would she be into me? Nevermind.

3. Someone was super rude to me and I totally got revenge on them and tupac is totally right about how sweet the joy is.

That’s all.

Til next time.


There are a lot of men in Vegas who look like they’re dressed up as Larry the cable guy for Halloween. A few women too.

How do people have a job and also time to exercise. I was getting pretty ripped when I was unemployed. Now I’m working and turning back into very soft dough.

Because I look so young for my age people often ask me if I get carded, and the answer is no, because it never is necessary, and then comes a line of questioning that makes them think I’m the most boring person on earth.

Do you drink?
I don’t like it.
Don’t you go out to clubs?
Why not??
It’s just… not my type of scene.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Crazy? Uh, I can’t think of anything crazy, there’s nothing crazy I care to do really.
Have you ever done drugs?
Not even weed?
Why not?
Didn’t really appeal to me I guess.
Weren’t you ever curious?
Not really, I was more preoccupied with like comics and books and stuff when I was a teen. And my friends were all nerds so it’s not like there was any peer pressure.
What do you do for fun?
Uh, I like comedy, I see stand up and improv sometimes.
Ooh, what comedians?
(then I list a bunch of comedians they’ve never heard of)
You don’t see any famous comedians?
Well, they’re famous if you like comedy.
What’s improv?
(I explain improv)
Hm, you never go to the strip or see any of the Vegas shows?
You don’t drink or smoke, are you Mormon?
No, I’m not Mormon.
So you must play video games.
Don’t you get bored!?
Not really, I draw and write, and there’s lots of good stuff on tv, and I read a lot…
So you’re just a boring person?

That’s more or less a real conversation I’ve had more than once, and yes people really do call me boring right to my face. I prefer to think of myself as more chill than boring, I’m just a very chill dude.

Any of my followers live in Las Vegas?

People say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. No. Incorrect. Stop making shit up.


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Let’s all pretend I’m very sexy. It’ll be hilarious.