I'm Stray, or Jeff if you want to get familiar. I'm an artist, music maker, aspiring writer, goofball, geek, nerd, and dork. I design graphics for t-shirts for money.

This blog is mainly for my own artwork. I also make daily confessions and daily music posts.

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When I hear people in happy relationships describe what it feels like to be in love it just reminds me of how I feel about my dog. Oh you feel like you found your other half? Me too! Sometimes you just stare at them and can’t believe how lucky you are to have them in your life? Me too! You miss them every second you’re away from them? Me too! But about my dog! I’m in love with him I guess!

How romantic.

This girl I’ve been flirting with isn’t really the type I go for typically, I mean, she’s hot, I always go for that, but she’s like… I guess I’d describe her as not a nerd. She’s very sweet, and friendly, but honestly I would’ve pegged her as out of my league, cause she’s a very attractive high maintenance looking lady who always has fancy heels on and immaculate nail polish and you know she gets hit on every single day of her life. And by contrast I’m the doofiest durp of ever, but now I feel like it might be interesting or even better to date someone totally different. It’s not like pursuing people I have lots in common with has particularly worked out, so i figure why not switch it up, this is sort of like an experiment. I’m kinda judging a book by it’s cover though, maybe she’s the biggest nerd of all time, but she didn’t even know what dragon ball z is, so I feel like she probably isn’t. How do you not know what dbz is? I’ve always swore I would never date someone who doesn’t watch cartoons, but now it’s occurring to me that I can introduce cartoons into someone’s life and thusly become a hero. Also did I mention she’s hot? And she likes me? That’s like, enough.

So I heard from a colleague that one of the supervisors didn’t know my name so she referred to me as “the pretty boy with the socks”, I’m not gonna lie, being called pretty sorta made my day, haha. Also I like when people appreciate my fashion acumen, I have become addicted to buying socks, so I’m glad it’s paying off.

Also, my training class officially graduated and we wanted to do something special for our trainer so we made a mock yearbook, and my class voted me as “the coolest”.

I’ve gotta say, I very much like how my office reputation is shaping up. This is all very amusing and validating.

It doesn’t count as bragging if it’s other people saying it right?

I need to get a car. It would make asking women out a lot easier. That’s like literally my only incentive to learn how to drive, is that bad? I’m fine riding the bus, but you can’t pick a lady up on the bus.

Any tips on mustering the confidence to talk to a girl that's a complete stranger and having it not be super awkward? A lot of the times I don't even know where to begin.
Asked by Anonymous

Just talk to every stranger. Seriously, if you get yourself to the point where it’s natural and common for you to start up a friendly chat with a random person, then it won’t matter if they’re a pretty lady or handsome man or whatever your preference is. I like to compliment strangers, no matter what their sex, gender or age is, it’s just a nice unexpected thing, especially when it’s genuine and you’re not saying it with ulterior motives. I try to smile and say something to almost everyone I make eye contact with, it puts me in a good friendly mode and warms me up to talk to anyone.

I’m not going to say an attractive person doesn’t make me nervous sometimes but I find if I just say hi it gets the ball rolling. If you’re a guy and you can talk to a woman like she’s just a human being and not like a thing you’re trying to win I find they can be very responsive to that and open and talkative and not scary at all. They’re just people and stuff. So in summation just get comfortable talking to all people from all walks of life and disparate walks of life. Also it helps if you’re funny, smart and handsome like I am, that’s a joke, but like a funny cause it’s true joke. Good luck, was this helpful? The answer is yes, it was very helpful, I’ve set you on the course to success, one day you will look back at this ask as the thing that changed everything for you, you were never the same from this day for- I’m doing that facetious rambling thing again, I need to stop myself now because I can go on like that for several paragraphs.


As a lifelong nerd, geek and complete dork, I feel like I’m getting away with something when a hot girl likes talking to me.

Intellectually I understand why this is silly, but it’s just one of those residual effects of years of social conditioning.

I guess “thot” is a new slang term for a girl who’s a quote unquote hoe. Because we were in desperate need of more words to demean women I guess.

Hiiiiii! Little update:

Went to fyf, it was fucking awesome. Phoenix, blood brothers, haim, blood orange, flying lotus, y mucho mas. Super good, plus just hangin wiv ma bros back in my hometown just felt really good. Also, we randomly saw Brian Lee O’Malley in a bookstore in little Tokyo. My friend got his autograph, I didn’t say anything to him because it just felt too awkward.

Um, about that girl I mentioned a while ago, I talked to her, made my interest known, and surprisingly she was very receptive to my interest, and that’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

I feel like I need a female best friend to talk about girl stuff with. Most of my good lady friends seem too busy for me lately, I need help! Who wants to text with me about lady advice???

Honestly, I feel like I’ve unlocked new character upgrades that have leveled me up.

I was depressed and felt shitty about myself for a while, then I decided fuck that, I’m just going to be awesome and that will solve everything. It’s turning out to be a really good strategy.

daily affirmation

Holy fuck what a badass you are!

daily affirmation

You’re rad as fuck
You’re shit is mad tight
You’re totes killin it

I was sitting in the break room at work at a table by myself, and one of the new girls comes and asks if I minded if she sat at my table. There were several other empty tables, and she didn’t have food, so I feel like she just wanted to talk to me, so I talked to her, she was nice, and very pretty. Am I interpreting this situation correctly? Of all the places to sit there were closer places to the door at empty tables if she just wanted a place to sit. I don’t know dudes, I guess I’ll just keep talking to her and see what happens. I don’t want to sound braggy but I’ve been receiving a lot of nice attention lately and it’s making me feel good about myself. It’s a very strange turn of events.

At this point the only reason I still have an okcupid account is because it’s helping me become numb to rejection.

3 good things about today

1. So at training today we had to introduce ourselves to a new supervisor and when I said my name she remarked that she always notices me around because I look like I was on the cover of teen vogue, and someone else commented that I look like I used to be a model before I worked there. I struck a pose of course. My ego needed that, I’ve been feeling very unconfident lately so it was nice to get that piece of validation.

2. I talked to that pretty lady again.

3. We took a final test in training that apparently was notoriously hard and I got the highest score. I’m smart as hell y’all.

Night night