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Let’s all pretend I’m very sexy. It’ll be hilarious.

Luka, my main dude.

Because he has an underbite sometimes people tell me he looks mean or if he’s about to bite, and maybe I’m biased but I just don’t see that at all, he always looks so sweet and docile. Right? I think some people just don’t know how to read dogs.

Nothing’s better than putting sunglasses on an animal.

Nothing’s better than putting sunglasses on an animal.

This poor child unfortunately grew up to be me :( I’m sorry sweet little child, I’m sorry.

This poor child unfortunately grew up to be me :( I’m sorry sweet little child, I’m sorry.

Exhibit A: My grandmother collects black Barbies. There’s also a Chinese one in there

Exhibit B: This big bird chair is old as fuck. I sat in that chair when I was a baby. My uncles sat in it as babies before me. I’ve watched every kid in my family after me sit in that chair as a baby. It would be so weird if it was every thrown away. Also behind it are those old ass encyclopedias that used to be useful because there was no internet. I remember using them to help me with homework projects.

My grandfather, “Bucky”, as an older gentlemen and a younger gentlemen. R.I.P. Handsome dude.

I need to ask my grandmother if that brown leather jacket is still handing around somewhere cause that’s a good look!

A picture of my dad as a young fella slipping out of it’s frame.
Love that James Brown-esque hairdo.

A picture of my dad as a young fella slipping out of it’s frame.

Love that James Brown-esque hairdo.

It’s super embarrassing when people find out you have feelings.

New scientific study finds we’re all fucked, everything is fucked. Shit.

I’m not a good photographer and I don’t have a nice camera, but here are some pictures of nature.

And more pictures.

Some pictures of me from this weekend

Back with the dog baby


'The Raid' Director Gareth Evans Lists His Top 5 Action Scenes

As martial arts/action movie nerd, and moreso a Jackie Chan fanatic I had to post this because the fact that 3 out of his 5 favorites were Jackie Chan films makes me officially love Gareth Evans. I enjoyed hearing why he picked these specific fights and what he took away from them, and he kinda reminds me of myself when I’m talking my friends’ ears off about why Jackie Chan is a genius.

I wish there were more American directors who had his passion and appreciation for great action choreography. I huge pet peeve of mine is when I watch an action scene and it’s too focused on how cool and badass the hero is. For example take this typical Jason Statham scene http://youtu.be/bKQYK7PYQpQ He’s unarmed fighting like a dozen guys with weapons and nobody manages to even lay a hand on him, he doesn’t even break a sweat and to me it’s just really bland because there’s no danger or intensity to it. Even when the big guy steps in to give him a challenge he quickly gets the upper hand and beats him without getting a single scratch on him. I feel like when you watch most American action films all they care about is that the fights are cool looking and don’t know how to give them any substance or drama. Intellectually we all know the good guy is going to win, but you have to maintain the illusion that he (or she) could lose, or else it’s just like you’re watching someone be mildly inconvenienced, and that is not engaging at all. What I love about Jackie Chan is he is almost always BARELY winning, and that’s just good drama because the harder it is for your hero to succeed the more invested you are. God am I doing that thing again where I rant about things that only a very small niche people will give a shit to read? Woooops!