I'm Stray, or Jeff if you want to get familiar. I'm an artist, music maker, aspiring writer, goofball, geek, nerd, and dork. I design graphics for t-shirts for money.

This blog is mainly for my own artwork. I also make daily confessions and daily music posts.

Art posted in my blog is mine unless otherwise noted.

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worst super powers

Dre-dar. Kinda like “gaydar”, you can look at someone and instantly tell if they’re Dr Dre or not.

worst super powers

Supervision! Not super vision. You have the power to always be supervised by your parents no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Have I mentioned that I really love my dog? Cause I do, I love that little dude so much. I know it’s morbid to think about but wtf am I going to do when he’s gone (one day super far into the future)? Hopefully we die at the same time in an explosion that kills us both instantly. I’ve always wanted to go out exploding.

"Motherfucker, you look super cool! I feel like we should be friends." -a real message I received on okcupid.

So down to be their friend.

Bought a bowtie, it has little doggies on it, I don’t really like it though because it’s one of those ones that like have a latch, but I’d rather have an old fashioned one that you tie manually. I’d much rather just learn to tie a proper bowtie like a gentleman than to fiddle with this itty bitty metal latch with my big masculine man hands.

Sorry these pictures suck. Best I could do!

I work soft, and I play softer.

I miss your selfies, and your doggie pics too, how is that little cutie?
Asked by Anonymous

Well you can always look at the old ones, I still look the same I just have more shirts and pants.

My dog is straight chillin like a dastardly villain.

i love your stories i hope you start blogging more often!!!!!

Thanks babe. I shall!

What do you dream about?
Asked by eros-arils

My dreams are like short films written by Charlie Kaufmann (eternal sunshine, being John malkovich, adaptation, etc) but someone stole the script, deleted random words and made a madlibs out of it.

I’m not saying I’ll ever get married, but if I do she better be open to my Jehovah’s witness role play fantasy.

How hot would it be if a Jehovah’s witness knocked on your door and one thing led to another and you’re making sin on a pile of watchtowers about the evils of the very thing you’re doing?

When I hear people in happy relationships describe what it feels like to be in love it just reminds me of how I feel about my dog. Oh you feel like you found your other half? Me too! Sometimes you just stare at them and can’t believe how lucky you are to have them in your life? Me too! You miss them every second you’re away from them? Me too! But about my dog! I’m in love with him I guess!

How romantic.

Any tips on mustering the confidence to talk to a girl that's a complete stranger and having it not be super awkward? A lot of the times I don't even know where to begin.
Asked by Anonymous

Just talk to every stranger. Seriously, if you get yourself to the point where it’s natural and common for you to start up a friendly chat with a random person, then it won’t matter if they’re a pretty lady or handsome man or whatever your preference is. I like to compliment strangers, no matter what their sex, gender or age is, it’s just a nice unexpected thing, especially when it’s genuine and you’re not saying it with ulterior motives. I try to smile and say something to almost everyone I make eye contact with, it puts me in a good friendly mode and warms me up to talk to anyone.

I’m not going to say an attractive person doesn’t make me nervous sometimes but I find if I just say hi it gets the ball rolling. If you’re a guy and you can talk to a woman like she’s just a human being and not like a thing you’re trying to win I find they can be very responsive to that and open and talkative and not scary at all. They’re just people and stuff. So in summation just get comfortable talking to all people from all walks of life and disparate walks of life. Also it helps if you’re funny, smart and handsome like I am, that’s a joke, but like a funny cause it’s true joke. Good luck, was this helpful? The answer is yes, it was very helpful, I’ve set you on the course to success, one day you will look back at this ask as the thing that changed everything for you, you were never the same from this day for- I’m doing that facetious rambling thing again, I need to stop myself now because I can go on like that for several paragraphs.


I guess “thot” is a new slang term for a girl who’s a quote unquote hoe. Because we were in desperate need of more words to demean women I guess.

Hiiiiii! Little update:

Went to fyf, it was fucking awesome. Phoenix, blood brothers, haim, blood orange, flying lotus, y mucho mas. Super good, plus just hangin wiv ma bros back in my hometown just felt really good. Also, we randomly saw Brian Lee O’Malley in a bookstore in little Tokyo. My friend got his autograph, I didn’t say anything to him because it just felt too awkward.

Um, about that girl I mentioned a while ago, I talked to her, made my interest known, and surprisingly she was very receptive to my interest, and that’s all I’m going to say about that for now.