Daily Music Post #85

Body Language - You Can

There are few things more exciting for me then hearing a song from a band I’ve never heard of and absolutely loving it from the first listen. It’s like OOH WHAT HAVE I DISCOVERED? ANOTHER BAND TO ADD TO MY MUSICAL OBSESSIONS MAYHAPS? It’s like catching a rare Pokemon or something. I really dug this song, and listened to it on repeat a few times the first time I heard it, and then immediately searched out other tunes, then went ahead and acquired their EP “Social Studies”, which I’ve been quite enjoying. Then I got ahold of their previous effort “Speaks” and have been enjoying that as well.

Here’s a short bio:

Retro-minded Brooklyn club act Body Language take ‘80s soul and electro and deliver it with a futuristic slant, much like Deee-Lite, Chromeo, or Jamiroquai. Backed by party promoters CassetteNYC and Percussionlab, the band (Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, Ian Chang, and Ms. Angelica Bess) built up a solid fan base playing shows in N.Y.C., before Moodgadget Records released the group’s Speaks EP in 2009. The band’s first album, Social Studies, came out in late 2011 on Om records.

~ Jason Lymangrover, Rovi

I look forward to their first full length very much. Here are more songs:

At A Glance - http://youtu.be/PbXqEOJWKLE

Falling Out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=zCC6E23X1Pw

Hope you enjoyed today’s daily music post, if not that’s okay, perhaps you’ll dig the next one.