Daily Confession

During my last year of art school I suddenly got this eye condition called blepharitis. It lasted for a couple weeks and it was torture. My eyelids felt like sandpaper, my eyes were always dry, and this gross discharged would build up. That stuff was so gross that some mornings I’d wake up and I literally could not open my eyes without prying them open with my fingers because it was like they were glued shut by that icky crust. It was just the absolute worst. I had to wear sunglasses all day and night. Plus I had to go to classes and try to pay attention, and you know, as an artist let alone a person your eyes are pretty goddam important. Luckily it went away eventually, but supposedly it’s often chronic and can return so any time my eyes start feeling irritated a part of me is about to freak out, then I realize I just got an eyelash stuck on my eyeball.

I remember during this Batman Begins came out, and my friends and I went to go see with a large group. One of the girls in the group who was a friend of a friend asked me why I was wearing sunglasses at night. I told her that I had an eye condition. She just went “No really, why are you wearing sunglasses? To look cool.” and I’m like “I’m serious, I have this thing called blepharitis, and…” and then she turns to one of my friends and asks him “Why does he wear sunglasses.” I hated that girl.

This definitely makes Stray’s Top 10 worst times of my life.