"I don’t hate dogs or anything, but why do dogs get special dog parks? There should be HUMAN parks!"

"not ageist but it’s unfair how there are whole schools dedicated solely to teaching children, I demand there be schools just for adults! We want to learn too!"

"Why do vegans get to have special restaurants and menu items and stuff in the grocery store? There should be food just for carnivores!"

"How come gays get their own special clubs? How about a place where STRAIGHT people can dance and drink alcohol and hopefully hook up??"

"Why is it that wild animals get their own habitats? There should be areas that are predominantly populated by people! Hey, that was really alliterative! Predominantly populated by people"

"Women get to wear special underwear called panties. There should be something for men to wear between their pants and they’re nude bodies! Men underwear!"

"Why do cars get to drive all over the place? I want to travel to! I want to go where cars go! I should be able to get INSIDE that car and make it go vroom vroom! Here’s a thought, maybe people should drive the cars! Vroom vrooooom! Honk honk! Weeeeee!"

"How is it fair that homeless people get to be outside and people with homes have to live in them? Huh? How is that fair? Why do I have to have a job and shower? Why do homeless people get to lose their teeth and lay down in the sidewalk and I can’t? Huh? HUH? Someone tell me!"

"Call me crazy, but doesn’t anybody find it ridiculous that our parents get to have children? We should be able to grow up and have our OWN kids!"

"Call me crazy, but doesn’t anybody find it ridiculous that our parents get to have parents? If my grandma and grandpa are my parent’s parents, I should have parents too!"

"Night time? What about DAY TIME!?"

Okay that’s enough of that.

People who get mad about black history month I think exemplifies a quality that is unique to being privileged. I feel like really privileged people, who are unaware of their privilege, are typically the only people who will get mad at someone else gaining something even if it takes nothing away from them. I suppose they are unaccustomed to actually being deprived of something, so the closest thing to them is someone else gaining something that they aren’t gaining. That also explains why there are so many idiots who complain about not being “allowed” to say the n-word. A privileged person can’t stand for anyone to have anything that they can’t have, even if it’s something they have no use for. It’s the exact behavior of spoiled children.