Daily Music Post #60

Friend Roulette - Or Berlin

Instead of saying something myself about this band, I’ll post the poem that BigUglyYellowCouch wrote about them

For such lighthearted folk, their songs are so deep,
perhaps that’s the secret Friend Roulette likes to keep.
Balance themselves with songs emotional and true —
Come to think of it, that must be what they do.
An apple for a maraca, some nachos for snacks,
sitting in front of a flamingo while singing about lovers passed,
each song has a twinge of something special, a nicety to boot,
an odd sort of catchiness your ear can’t refute.
In “The Floor”, it’s the dissonant harmonies meeting a drummed bicycle spoke,
for “Sailing Song”, it’s intentionally messing up words, not due to a choke,
But in the other, “Or Berlin”, it’s something different indeed,
It grabs you in a way where you have to concede.
This one’s like a stab to the heart, and a tear to the eye,
a perfect song to listen to while floating thru the sky,
O’er berlin, now, actually, that’s a nice thought,
to be dreaming so hazily in a new land you’ve sought,
Either way, with this song, we’re over the moon,
finding it impossible not to sit back and swoon,
so now, with this session, we’ll give you just that,
enjoy Friend Roulette, who is now up at bat:

The Floor: http://youtu.be/wAY4TTItOr0

Sailing Song: http://youtu.be/16fWL3kSFbg

Hope you enjoyed today’s daily music post, if not that’s okay, perhaps you’ll dig the next one.